by: Dr Athari

Dr. Athari’s experience ranges from advanced training from world leaders in the industry (for example the MALO CLINIC in Portugal) to teaching other dentists throughout the United States the latest developments in Implant surgery. He is also active with a charity in Mexico providing quality services to impoverished communities and teaching other dentists how to continue his work.

2019 marks 20 years providing extraordinary care to an ever-increasing family of patients. Pleasantsmiles is the private dental practice of Dr. Farshad Athari. Within the practice, he is able to enforce his creation of One-on-One dentistry to provide appropriate care for each, from simple exams and cleanings through complex cases requiring surgeries such as full mouth implant-supported prosthesis (also known as all-on-4 a trademark of Nobel Biocare Services AG) in concert with his implant company 3rdSet® Implant Solutions

My main focus is full mouth reconstruction and emergency dentistry addressing severe pain and facial swelling as well as immediate implant placement due to trauma or loss of teeth – with an emphasis on the cosmetic needs where teeth are visible.

I am a proud graduate of Northwestern University (the preeminent institution recognized throughout the world as the academic home of Dr. Black, the Father of American Dentistry). Upon graduating in 1999, with a Doctorate of Dental Surgery, I began a journey fed by my passion for delivering high-quality dental care and a desire to find a way to treat one patient at a time.
My goal is dentistry lasting a long lifetime with a long-term relationship of trust and value.

Meeting my personal goal more than 14 years ago, I now provide individualized care one patient at a time. One-on-One dentistry enables me to address the needs of each of my patients individually. I have created a process that allows me the freedom to coordinate patient care in a way that assures my focus is dedicated to the person in my chair.  It is not uncommon to treat one patient per day when a complicated case requires the logistical coordination of multiple disciplines utilizing the latest technologies.

On a much more personal level, in 2006 I moved from Scottsdale Arizona back to Las Vegas to be near family. I have one goal to achieve from the practice of dentistry: for you as a patient to remember me as the person who helped improve the quality of your oral health for the better. I make sure that my personal contact information is available to all of my patients so they can reach me anytime they desire. I like to use three different implant systems for my implant cases and employ the best dental labs in the industry especially for my all-on-4 and cosmetic cases (I prefer more than four implants in general) and do not believe in cost-cutting tactics when it comes to products and dental supplies and materials.
Thank you for taking the time to read about me.